How About Some Love For Running Backs! Print E-mail
Written by Denis Krusos   
Thursday, 23 October 2014 14:06



The updated top 32 prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft features two running backs.  Todd Gurley is our top ranked prospect overall.  The typical response to Gurley being ranked so high would be that in today’s pro game running backs are devalued and therefore he should be rated lower.


The NFL game does favor quarterbacks and receivers, but Gurley is a special talent.  The Georgia superstar is the best Bulldog since Herschel Walker.  That is saying a lot considering Terrell Davis, Garrison Hurst and Knowshon Moreno all hail from Georgia.  The Seattle Seahawks won a championship with an offense centered around Marshawn Lynch.  The Dallas Cowboys surprising turnaround and success this year has been powered by an offense that features the running of Demarco Murray. 


Gurley is big and strong enough to build a NFL offense around and reap the benefits.  A productive ground game is a quarterback’s and a defense’s best friend.  His versatility as a back that can catch passes and return kickoffs makes him an offensive coordinator’s dream come true.  Todd Gurley should be a top 10 selection, but may slip further down because of how other positions are rated as more important.  Teams at the top of the draft would be wise not to underrate the benefits of running the ball and to never pass on a great player.


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