Pete Carroll & John Schneider Are Unlikely To Repeat Their Success As They Try To Rebuild The Seahawks Print E-mail
Written by Denis Krusos   
Tuesday, 13 March 2018 18:36


Pete Carroll and John Schneider did a brilliant job in building the Seahawks into a team that from 2012 to 2016 reached the playoffs every year with consecutive Super Bowl appearances and one world title.  They made a fantastic trade for Marshawn Lynch that gave Pete Carroll the workhorse back that he wanted.  A couple of free agent signings (Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett) turned out to be bargains and key members to one of the top defenses in NFL history.


The dynamic duo, of course, struck gold in the NFL draft with a number of picks that were home runs.  Earl Thomas (1st Round, 2010), Kam Chancellor (5th Round, 2010), Richard Sherman (5th Round, 2011), K.J. Wright (4th Round, 2011), Russell Wilson (3rd Round, 2012), Bobby Wagner (2nd Round, 2012), J.R. Sweezy (7th Round, 2012) and Bruce Irvin (1st Round, 2012).  That’s an impressive list of talented players and none were top 10 picks and five were day 3 picks!  They also signed Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse as undrafted free agents. 


It is really hard for teams to repeat a period of exceptional drafting.  This could be due to a combination of key decision-makers losing their hunger, getting older and just not being as lucky.  The Dallas Cowboys of the 1970’s drafted wisely and the result was two championships.  That same brain-trust found much less success with drafts in the 1980’s.  The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970’s drafted as well as anyone.  The result was four championships.  The 1980’s Pittsburgh drafts were much more pedestrian and so was the team’s success.  Jimmy Johnson was brilliant handling the Dallas Cowboys drafts from 1989-1993.  He built the Cowboys into the team that won three titles in four years.  Johnson was unable to duplicate his drafting prowess when he was hired by the Miami Dolphins.  Ozzie Newsome drafted much better early on with the Baltimore Ravens than he did in his later years.


Carroll and Schneider have already begun to show some cracks.  2017 2nd round pick, Malik McDowell, was expected to be a key player as Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett were getting older.  Unfortunately, McDowell suffered a head injury while riding an ATV shortly after getting drafted.  He missed his entire rookie season and may not be able to play in his 2nd season.  Seattle was counting on McDowell to be an impact player.  Paul Richardson was a 2nd round pick in the 2014 NFL draft and had only one solid season of production due to injuries.  The Seahawks let him move on to Washington as a free agent.  Age and injuries have depleted Seattle.  These next two drafts are critical for Carroll and Schneider to find impact players and not just decent starters to complement Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.  If history holds true to form then Carroll and Schneider have already made their best drafts.



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